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“The Memory Detective” by T.S. Nichols

“The Memory Detective” by T.S. Nichols

“The Memory Detective” follows a police detective who solves crimes by having the memories of the victim transferred into his brain. Cole is the detective that the other detectives try to avoid getting partnered with. The scientists say that a person should have no more than 2 memory transfers, but Cole has had more than a dozen. He has become expert at pulling the crucial clues out of the victim’s memories and bringing murderers to justice. But this skill comes at a cost to his personal relationships. When the memories of an unidentified female victim are transferred into Cole’s brain, neither he nor his colleagues are prepared for the Pandora’s box that he is about to open.

I found the idea of memories being transferred from one person to another to be fascinating and the author did a great job of exploring how that would feel and affect the individual receiving the transfer. The story also has some great twists in it to keep you alert while you’re reading. My only problem with this book is the characters. I didn’t feel like I really connected with any of the characters. The premise of the story is great, the settings felt real and came alive with the author’s descriptions, and the narrative moved smoothly with a quick pace. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t feel the characters.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  3-5-star-rating 3.5 stars!!

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