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“The Suffering of Women Who Didn’t Fit” by David J. Vaughan

“The Suffering of Women Who Didn’t Fit” by David J. Vaughan

‘Madness’ in Britain 1450-1950

A rare synchronised study of the colourful, often horrific, account of women and madness over half a millennia. From scold to witch, virgin to whore, this book exposes how an unchanging perception of women has altered responses to gender and madness.

This book is packed full of the history of madness and how women were affected by it. The author exposes the numerous theories, put forward by men, to explain the behaviors of women that weren’t considered acceptable, and the treatment or mis-treatment that ensued from those theories. It is not uncommon to see a diagnosis of madness used as a means of controlling women in society. This book is extensively researched and documented. While the information here is fascinating it’s not written for the casual reader. This book is more suitable for a college text. That being said, it is well written, informative and an excellent study of the topic.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  3 star rating 3 stars!

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