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“The Science of Yoga” by Ann Swanson

“The Science of Yoga” by Ann Swanson

Have you ever wondered if your engaging the right muscles in your yoga poses? Well, the answer may well be in this book. Ann Swanson breaks down the anatomy of the human body in relationship to yoga poses so that you can get the most out of each one. Thirty different poses and graphically illustrated and the anatomy and physiology carefully explained in easy to understand language. The illustrations are perhaps the best part of this book. Big two page drawings of the skeletal and muscular structures while in a pose, such as downward facing dog. The muscles are colored differently depending on whether they are engaged or relaxed in a particular pose. There is an introductory section at the front which explains the colors and basic concepts of anatomy and physiology. The pages also give you the poses from different angle so you have the opportunity to see alignments for arms and legs and where in your body you should be feeling stretch. I found this book to be easy-to-understand, gorgeously illustrated, and packed with helpful information that will broaden your understanding of what your body is actually doing when you are “doing yoga”. An excellent resource!

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-5-star-rating 4.5 stars!!

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