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“Poison Orchids” by Sarah Denzil & Anni Taylor

“Poison Orchids” by Sarah Denzil & Anni Taylor

Narrated by Aimee Horne

Young backpackers Gemma and Hayley arrive at a remote fruit farm in Australia’s Northern Territory, out of money and desperate for work. 

The weeks go on, a blur of fruit picking, parties, campfires and wading beneath waterfalls in the nearby hot springs. Until the night the girls find themselves on a dark highway, bruised and bloodied.  

Senior Detective Bronwen McKay and psychologist Megan Arlotti question the terrified girls. But Hayley and Gemma are telling two very different stories of what happened to them over the past three months. 

Buckle up people, this is a bumpy ride. There is some pretty graphic violence so if you are sensitive to that type of content this would not be a good choice. That being said, I was all in with this story. It starts with a bang near the end of Gemma and Hayley’s journey together and then shifts back and forth between what’s happening to them now and the events that led up to their current situation. This story is very complex with some very intriguing characters and you need to be paying attention in order to keep it all straight. I felt that listening to this story just heightened the drama overall and made it all feel more real, though I hope that some of the situations are never anybody’s reality. This story is very dark but it completely captured my imagination. In the past few months, I have found myself really enjoying books set in Australia and this is one of the best I’ve read.

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