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“Got a Bad Picker?” by Jesse Carr MD

“Got a Bad Picker?” by Jesse Carr MD

Great advice for picking a mate! In this book Dr. Carr explores the relationships women have with men and why some women just can’t seem to pick a good one. First is a discussion of how to determine if you have a bad picker and what can cause you to be a bad picker. Then Dr. Carr looks at what the consequences of picking a bad partner can be and gives ideas for how to fix your bad picker. In the concluding chapters he gives exercises for improving and training your picker.

I found this book to be full of good suggestions. I also thought that the topic was covered thoroughly and with obvious, extensive knowledge of the topic. This is not and advanced book but one that is written toward a general audience. I would suggest this book for any woman who wants to learn more about the psychology of picking men. It would also be a good resource for men who want to know what women need in a man.

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