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“The Cries of the Butterfly” by Rajeev Roy

“The Cries of the Butterfly” by Rajeev Roy

An unusual but engaging read! This is a love story, but one that is laced with tragedy. The Butcher family boasts of a President, a moviestar, and the world’s richest man among its ranks. Wolf is the moviestar and the favorite of the family. The deaths of five other family members, including his favorite niece, sends him into a crippling depression. When he meets little Robin, an orphan, and then Savannah, his true love, he finds a new reason to live. Wolf and Savannah long to be married and adopt Robin but one tragic circumstance after another gets in the way of their plans.

This story is original and complex. While each tragedy felt like a stab in the heart, I, nevertheless, wanted to keep reading to know what the ultimate outcome would be. That outcome was impossible to guess in advance. The main characters are thoroughly developed and very likable. This book is appropriate for adults but because of some graphic sex and language I would not recommend it for teens.

Happy Reading!

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