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“Paydown” by Nick Stephenson


When a high-flying Wall Street investment banker is found brutally killed, what started out as a simple fraud case turns into expert criminologist Leopold Blake’s first ever murder investigation.

Now, with the financial world at the brink of collapse, Blake must put aside his differences and work with NYPD Detective Mary Jordan to find and stop the killer before it’s too late. As the glamor of Wall Street is stripped away by a series of catastrophic discoveries, Leopold will have to decide how much he is prepared to risk in order to uncover the truth – and whether it’s a price he’s willing to pay.

Paydown is book 0 in the Leopold Blake Series of thrillers. The events in this story take place before the book Wanted, which is the first book in the series. I had really enjoyed reading Wanted and was curious how the characters had originally come together. This book did an excellent job of relating the back story of the series but I was a little bit disappointed. I had expected more in the way of action thrills, as I had enjoyed in Wanted, and there wasn’t as much of that. However, this book is really more the length of a novella, so there wasn’t room for much more. Again, I really liked the repartee between Blake and Mary Jordan. I think the author has been very clever in creating these two in that they constantly get on each other’s nerves but there is a respect between them that enables them to work well together. I’m still sold on this series and will definitely read more installments as the opportunity arises.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  3-5-star-rating 3.5 stars!

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Book Review: “Wanted” by Nick Stephenson

Book Review: “Wanted” by Nick Stephenson

Leopold Blake is a Wanted man. The Paris police are after him for stealing a painting from the Louvre and for murder. An assassin is hunting him down to carry out his contract. He and his bodyguard are arrested, but Blake manages to escape with the help of Sophie, an art restorer. They are soon joined by Mary, an American police detective. What follows is a manhunt across the city with Blake and his companions barely staying a step ahead of the police and the assassin. Blake knows he has been setup for the crimes and is determined to unmask the person behind the plot before the police arrive.

This story is full of thrilling action. Leopold Blake is a security consultant for the FBI and a little bit quirky, but he’s sharp as a tack and able to always stay a step ahead of his enemy. I really enjoyed this story and its various cast of characters. The non-stop action kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. All in all, the book is definitely worth the read.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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