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Book Review: “To Catch a Bad Guy” by Marie Astor

Book Review: “To Catch a Bad Guy” by Marie Astor

This is a fun little romance wrapped up in a securities fraud investigation. Janet Maples is a lawyer who has recently been downsized out of the District Attorney’s office. After a few months of unemployment, she accepts an offer to work with her childhood friend Lisa Foley in the legal department of Bostoff Securities. Lisa is more interested in marrying one of the Bostoff heirs than in doing any legal work, but Janet wants to actually be earning her paycheck. Janet thinks it pretty strange that Bostoff has a legal department but sends all the actual legal work out of house to Tom Wyman. When Janet receives notice of an upcoming audit she decides to review the client files to make sure all the paperwork is in order. Meanwhile, Dennis, the IT guy, is trying very hard to cozy up to Janet, but is he attracted to her or is there an ulterior motive. Janet’s loyalties and her heart will both be put to the test before this story is over.

I enjoyed this story, especially the interplay between the main characters. Janel and Lisa are such opposites and yet they have been best friends since childhood. Lisa is forever trying to match Janet up; Janet is forever trying to resist her efforts. I would classify this book as a legal romance with well-drawn characters and a relevant theme.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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