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“Lullaby” by Jonathan Maberry – A short story

“Lullaby” by Jonathan Maberry – A short story

Narrated by Scott Brick

Let me introduce you to this scary little ghost story. A young couple has just bought the “perfect” house, but it needs some fixing up. First up is the nursery since the baby will arrive soon. But then the wife starts seeing things, and hearing noises, and the baby laughs when no one is in the room. Will this young family discover the source before it’s too late?

Delightful is the word that comes to mind when I think about this story. It’s seems like the wrong choice for a scary story but that’s what I’ve got. I listened to the audiobook version and thoroughly enjoyed it. So if you need a little something to listen to for Halloween, I encourage you to check this one out on Audible.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-star-rating 4 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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