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“In Pursuit of Dragons” by Anne Renwick – Audiobook Review

“In Pursuit of Dragons” by Anne Renwick – Audiobook Review


In a laboratory behind the walls of a castle, Natalia Zakharova Kinross, Lady of Kinlarig, hides her many secrets. But for how much longer? For not only is a medical miracle embedded within her skin, a mythological dragon prowls the grounds. And there are men who will stop at little to lay claim to both.

Though Luke Dryden, cryptozoologist, is welcomed back to the castle at the tip of a blade, an old romance ignites. Until a lingering illness acquired in a secret biotechnology facility takes a turn for the worse – all while disaster circles. To help defend a lady and her dragon, he must attempt a risky cure.

As old enemies threaten their future, they will fight back to back in a desperate last stand…

My Thoughts:

In short, listen to the audiobook. My full review of the book itself is here. I enjoyed this story just as much the second time as I did when I first read the book. I really enjoy Natalia and Luke as individuals and as a couple. The science here is also fascinating. But my favorite character in this one is still Kia, the dragon. She has such a precocious personality, I find myself delighted every time she appears. In terms of the audiobook, I really enjoyed this narrator and her narration of the story. She previously narrated “A Trace of Copper” which is one of my favorites in this series. I think Ms. Renwick made and excellent choice with this narrator. If your new to steampunk and want to give it a try this audiobook would be a great way to do that. If you already love steampunk than you need to add this one to your library.

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“In Pursuit of Dragons” by Anne Renwick

“In Pursuit of Dragons” by Anne Renwick

An Elemental Web Tale Book 4

Dragons, Steampunk, Romance, Sword Fights! What more could you ask for in a fantasy book? “In Pursuit of Dragons” is the latest installment from Anne Renwick. In this one we have Russian born Natalia who was forced into a loveless marriage and locked away in a castle in Scotland. This is intended to protect her and the dragon under her care. Now she is alone and dragon hunters are battering down the door. Suddenly, a man from the past appears, but does he bring hope for the future or is danger following his every step?

Let’s just start with the cover, because I just love this one. The colors on this one really caught my eye and drew me in to the story. Characters: Natalia is so likeable and I couldn’t help but be sympathetic of her situation. She’s also a mighty warrior when it comes to protecting her own and she’s not willing to be pushed around by men anymore. Luke is handsome, charming and determined to be with Natalia. Kia is my favorite character in this story. She is fiercely protective when she needs to be but also very loving. I found the story to be original and innovative. There are some very interesting twists throughout and I had a really hard time putting this down. Anne Renwick has once again created a story that is charming and romantic and full of fascinating science references. I have yet to be disappointed by this author and look forward to many more.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-5-star-rating 4.5 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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