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“The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques” by Karen Frazier

“The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques” by Karen Frazier


Discover energy healing—find more balance and peace.

Energy healing is the practice of manipulating the subtle energy flow in your body to improve the way you think and feel. The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques is your introduction to the basics of energy healing, featuring a series of simple exercises you can do anytime.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit, with clear and balanced energy that empowers you to live with greater peace and comfort.

The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques allows you to:

  • Start from scratch—Practice the exercises in this book right away—no prior knowledge required.
  • Try it on for size—From sound healing to crystals, you can test out multiple types of energy healing and find what resonates with you.
  • Learn active healing—Learn 5- to 15-minute daily routines for centering yourself to alleviate pain and inner turmoil.

See for yourself what the power of energy healing can do for you.

My Thoughts:

Another dive into the world of alternative healing on my part. This little book presents several different alternative techniques. I found the information about crystals to be the most interesting to me. It’s fascinating to think that a little piece of rock can somehow influence the functioning of the human body. I haven’t tried any of these yet but I’m thinking about it. The author presented these techniques in an orderly fashion and the writing made the information easily understandable. If you are interested in alternative healing than I think this book could be a good place to start.

Alinefromabook’s rating:

Glowing StarGlowing StarGlowing StarGlowing Star

Happy Reading!

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