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“House Witness” by Mike Lawson

“House Witness” by Mike Lawson

Book #12 in the DeMarco series. This time DeMarco is hunting down a “jury consultant” who makes it her business to interfere with witnesses so that they either cannot testify or change their testimony. When the son of DeMarco’s boss is murdered in a bar one night with 5 witnesses, the suspect is immediately caught, and the case seems open and shut. But the suspect’s father is super-rich and has his lawyer hire the jury consultant to ensure that his son is acquitted.

I found the plot of this story to be very creative and not a routine legal thriller at all. This is the first book I have read from this series and I had a little trouble warming up to DeMarco. I think it may have been because the first half of the book focuses primarily on the consultant and setting up the drama. Once DeMarco reluctantly decides to pursue this person though I really started to like him. In this installment he borrows a law intern from the District Attorney on the case and I really liked her. She’s a little quirky, but very efficient and plays off of DeMarco well. The twists and turns along the way for engaging and kept the story moving at a good pace. I found this to be a good story, but didn’t really wow me.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  3-5-star-rating 3.5 stars!

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