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Short Story Review: “The Lotto Lothario” by C.A Huggins

Short Story Review: “The Lotto Lothario” by C.A Huggins

This little story was a fascinating read for me. The author takes us into the mind of a young man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. We first meet him as he is approaching a liquor store where he intends to buy enough alcohol to get really wasted. The story consists of his internal dialogue as he processes the break-up and speculates on whether or not he will win the lottery. I usually enjoy stories that have a psychological aspect to them, and this one definitely fit the bill. Although I didn’t really care for the guy as a person, I found his dialogue to be very believable. All in all, a nice little story if you just have a few minutes to spare.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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