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“Bloody Genius” by John Sandford

“Bloody Genius” by John Sandford

Pay attention mystery lovers, a new Virgil Flowers investigation has just hit the shelves. Never mind that his girlfriend is about to pop out twins and the hay needs to be harvested, the governor of Minnesota needs Virgil’s help to uncover who killed a prominent University of Minnesota professor. A leading light in his field, someone has bashed his head in with his computer and left his dead body locked in a carrel in the library undetected for two days. Virgil is perceived as an intruder into her investigation by Minneapolis detective Trane, but Virgil’s unique charm soon wins her over.

This is a twisty investigation that is constantly running into leads that go nowhere. One of my favorite things about John Sandford’s books in general is the way that he weaves his character’s personal life seamlessly into the investigations making the character a well-rounded person instead of a one-dimensional caricature. Then there is Minnesota which Sandford brings to a life in a way that just makes you want to be there and discover what all the fuss is about. Finally, I found the pairing of Flowers and Trane to be fun and delightful. They are opposites in everything but their search for the truth and it gets crazy before it’s over. You might find yourself wanting to take notes as you work your way through this story just so you can keep track of all the players, but you will definitely enjoy the process.

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