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“Unwanted” by Andrew Young

“Unwanted” by Andrew Young

It’s the late 1800’s in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and a young woman’s decapitated body has been found in a farmer’s field. This book traces the story of the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators. The initial challenge is to simply identify her because the head is missing. With fingerprints not yet broadly used in law enforcement and crime scene preservation not even a topic of conversation, the attempt to identify the girl finally comes down to an observant shoe seller who recognizes her shoes uniqueness and is able to actually trace the sale. The young lady had traveled to Cincinnati from her family’s rural farm to meet up with a boyfriend.

This is a very detailed look at a very brutal crime. The story is based on extensive research of the accounts that remain from the time. I really appreciated the structure of the chapters, with each looking at an aspect of the investigation from start to finish. It’s almost surprising that the identification of the body and the perpetrators was possible given the limited tools the police had available to them at the time. This book should be of interest to those who like true crime or historical crime stories.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  3-5-star-rating  3.5 stars!!

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Thank you to Pen & Sword Publishing for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Weekly Round-Up 1/7/2018

Here we are folks! The first round-up of the new year. Quick weather update: the temperature here in Fargo has barely crept over 0 Fahrenheit this past week. Apparently we might actually see a double-digit high today, fingers crossed. To celebrate the New Year, the battery died in one of our cars, but thanks to YouTube I was able to change it out myself even with a temperature of -6 in my garage. Gotta love living in a northern climate. Let’s get to the numbers now.

TBR – The year opened with a total of 277. I finished reading 2 books this week and added 1. The new total is 276. Not a terrible start.

Goodreads challenge – I set my goal at 100 again for this year. The 2 books I finished puts me ahead 1 book as of today.

NetGalley score – I didn’t read any NetGalley books this week so score remains at 87%.

JohnConnolly challenge – I am currently listening to book 3 in the series “The Killing Kind”.

Coming up – This year I am actually scheduling my reading. This week I will be reading “Kings of Georgian Britain” by Catherine Curzon, Kings of Georgian BritainUnwanted” by Andrew Young, Unwanted and “The Killing Kind” by John Connolly. The Killing Kind My reading year is off to a good start, I just hope I can keep it that way.

Happy Reading! and stay warm!