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“Exodus” by Andreas Christensen

“Exodus” by Andreas Christensen

A brilliant piece of sci-fi fiction! I found this book to be a well thought out and expertly plotted story.

The story explores the what-if scenario of a meteor crashing into, and potentially destroying, planet Earth. When scientists become aware of the impending doom they begin planning a way to remove a selected portion of the human race to another planet to start over. They estimate they have about 12 years until impact and the American space program has been all but abandoned after a disastrous attempt to land on Mars.

The story is told as a series of vignettes each focusing on a different character. As the plot thickens, we get a view into the arduous process of selecting those who will be on the spaceship, we listen in on the political machinations going on behind the scenes, and we follow the Exodus as she travels through space bound for an unknown planet called Aurora.

This book is the first in a trilogy and definitely leaves you wanting to read the next one. This book is everything a good sci-fi book should be.

Happy Reading!

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