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Cozy Mystery Book Review: “Strong Spirits” by Alice Duncan

Cozy Mystery Book Review: “Strong Spirits” by Alice Duncan

This is the first in the Daisy Gumm Majesty series. Daisy is a young woman with a big load on her shoulders. The setting is Pasadena, CA in the 1920’s just after the First World War has ended. Daisy married her high school sweetheart just before he went off to the war. He was returned to her disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Since he can’t work they live with her parents and her aunt. When Daisy was 10 she discovered that she was very good at pretending to tell fortunes and hold séances. Since then she has worked to hone her skills and now she is a favorite in the parlors of Pasadena’s wealthier citizens. She is an especial favorite of Mrs. Kincaid, for whom her Aunt Vi is the cook and her best friend is a maid. One evening Daisy holds a séance at Mrs. Kincaid’s and a whole sequence of mysterious events is kicked off. When Detective Sam Rotondo enters into the picture, Daisy may have met her match.

I found this book delightful. Daisy is not your typical psychic, rather she’s a good-hearted young lady to whom life has dealt a very challenging hand. The story is narrated by Daisy and I loved reading her about her life from her point of view. She struggles to stay upbeat for her husband, because even though he can’t give her a family she still loves the young man she married. The war has just ended and the economy is just starting to improve, but the prosperity hasn’t yet trickled down to the rank and file citizens and Daisy struggles with having to be the breadwinner for her family, especially since her profession is technically a crime. She does, however, have an indomitable spirit, a do-what-needs-to-be-done attitude, and a bright personality which just made this mystery a fun read. If you enjoy mysteries in an historical setting that you should really like this one.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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