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Weekly Round-Up 4/30/2017

Tomorrow is May 1st and the weather forecast for Fargo, ND includes the possibility of snow. Gotta love North Dakota. Let’s close out the month of April by taking a look at my TBR and see what, if any, progress I have made in the past week.

I finished reading 1 book. Ooh, three cheers for me! I also added some books. And by some, I mean 8! April 30 Book Haul

These are the ones I received in the mail. I also received 2 Kindle books from NetGalley. All this means that the TBR has reached a new high, ending at 281. My NetGalley rating has dropped to 70% and I’m 2 books behind on my Goodreads challenge.

Coming Up

I am currently reading “Dead Watch” by John Sandford. Dead Watch

I’m also listening to the audiobook of “The Cleaner” by Mark Dawson. The Cleaner

Thank you for joining me in this little glimpse of my lack of self-control when it comes to books. I hope you all have a good week!

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 4/9/2017

Welcome to the end of another week. I will forewarn you, I have had no self-control this week. So, let’s tally up the damages.


If you pay attention to such things, you will have noticed that I posted nothing this week. That’s because I didn’t finish ANYTHING this week. I believe this is a first since I started this blog. I have no explanation for this phenomenon. For the coming week, I do have 2 days off work, so maybe I will do some catching up before the next round-up. I added 2 books to the TBR this week, both audiobooks which I don’t usually do, so I’ll see how that goes. I also received a flyer from Pen & Sword this week of available to request books and I asked for all of them. That’s 5 books that are winging their way to me. It is my rule not to add books to the official TBR until I actually possess them which means there will be a spike coming in a couple of weeks. The official ending tally is 275 books.


Score remains at 71% because I haven’t finished any books this week.

Coming Up

I am a little more than halfway through “The Fifth Petal” by Brunonia Barry and I am loving it! If I don’t get my review up this week someone may have to conduct an intervention to get me reading again.

The Fifth Petal

After this is a short story called “Death of a Pawn” by David Bruns and then I think I’m going to go for a cozy mystery, for a little bit of a change, called “Pesky Politicians in Las Vegas” by A.R. Winters. Both of these were sent to me by the authors. I’ve read other books in A.R. Winters Tiffany Black series and enjoyed them so I expecting this to be a fun, shorter read. David Bruns is a new author for me and we’ll see how it goes. That’s all I have for today, guys.

Happy Reading!

Weekly Round-Up 4/2/2017

Look at me! It’s not even lunchtime yet and I’m writing my weekly round-up. The reason for this is my husband and I are going out this afternoon, so I figured I’d better get this done now while it’s quiet in my house. Let’s go ahead and get into this.


Current number is 273, up from 271 last week. Let me explain… I finished one book, a really great psychological thriller titled “Lies” by TM Logan which publishes on May 4, 2017. Lies My review will go up closer to the pub date.

I also acquired some books this week. Author A.R. Winters sent me a review copy of her new book “Furniture Fatality in Las Vegas”. I requested and received two books from NetGalley, “The Silent Corner” by Dean Koontz and “The Marriage Pact” by Michelle Richmond. Finally, Penguin Random House sent me “Watch Me Disappear” by Janelle Brown.


I finished one NetGalley book and acquired a couple more but my rating remains at 71%. I think because I’m slowly reducing the “over 3 months old” section of my reading list with them and I think that’s helping keep my number up.

Coming Up

I have just started “The Fifth Petal” which I am so excited to be reading. The Fifth Petal It’s a big one but I’m hoping to finish it before next weekend. After that I haven’t decided yet.

So that’s it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. We are finally getting spring temperatures where I am so I’m looking forward to leaving my jacket in the closet for a change.

Happy Reading!

Weekly Round-Up 3/26/2017

Greetings everyone! First, I must apologize profusely for not getting this post up yesterday. Somehow the whole day just got away from me. Secondly, I just realized that a posted nothing all last week. I think that’s the first time since I started this blog.

TBR – Still at 271. I finished a book and picked up a new book, so no change here.

NetGalley – That book I picked up was, of course, from NetGalley, so my score went back down to 71%.

Coming Up – The book I finished is “Where Dead Men Meet” by Mark Mills. This book releases on May 30, 2017 and I will be posting my review on that date to coincide with the release. I will tell that I enjoyed the book and if you want to check it out just click on the title above to go to the Amazon page. Currently I am reading “Lies” by TM Logan, which is a psychological thriller. After that is “The Fifth Petal” by Brunonia Barry. I’m very excited about this mystery. The description sounds so intriguing that I actually had requested it from 2 different websites without realizing it so I now have an electronic copy and a hardcover copy. I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll try to get back on schedule.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 3/19/2017

Well this post doesn’t even feel like it’s worth writing because this past week just didn’t really get off the ground for me. It’s one of those weeks when I just fell like I haven’t accomplished anything. So let’s see how under-accomplished my week really was.


TBR started at 272. I finished one book … one book … I am 60% through the next one on the list. The only positive note is that I didn’t add any new titles, so the week ends at 271. Not a good showing.


A very small nudge here. The one book I finished was a NetGalley title so my review of it bumped me from a 71% to 72%.

Coming Up

That 60% completion is for “Echoes From Death” by Helen Hanson which there is an outside chance I will finish today. Heads up, I’m really enjoying it and while it’s book 3 in the series, I think it’s even better than book 2. My review will go up on March 28th to coincide with the release of the book. After that will be “Where Dead Men Meet” by Mark Mills. So, wish me luck that this week is at least a little more productive and I hope you all have a great week.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 3/12/2017


The week started with a count of 273 on the TBR. I (just barely) finished reading the two books I mentioned last week. My review of Dark Valleys went up on the 7th. I just finished The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds this afternoon and that review will go up tomorrow. In the acquisitions department, I almost made it through the week with no additions, but … yesterday I received from author Helen Hanson an advance review copy of the latest book in the Cruise FBI thriller series. The title is Echoes From Death and will release on March 28th. This is book 3 in the series and you can see my review of book 2 here. So, the new TBR total is 272!

NetGalley rating – I didn’t post any reviews on NetGalley this week, but I also didn’t request any books, so still at 71%.

Coming Up

I’ll be reading the aforementioned Echoes From Death so I can get a review out in time for the release.

Echoes From Death

So that’s my update. Hope you all have a good week!

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 3/5/2017


The week started with a total of 273. I finished reading 2 books, but I also picked up 2 new ones. So, still at 273.

NetGalley Rating

I completed 2 NetGalley reviews this week which bumped me up to 71%. I’m getting closer to the elusive 80% badge!

Coming Up

Currently, I am reading “The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds” by Selina Siak Chin Yoke


I’m really enchanted by the cover of this book. I’m also reading a true crime book, “Dark Valley” by Gary Dobbs

That’s what’s happening here. Hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to read!



Weekly Round-Up 2/19/2017

Welcome everybody to the Weekly Round-Up, where we will once again pull back the covers and see what progress I made over the last week.

TBR – the week started with a TBR of 276. I added one book (only one? how is that possible!) and I completed 2. That brings the TBR to 275. Does that deserve a pat on the back? Not sure…hmmm.

NetGalley rating: With the completion of Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency, my rating increased from 68% to 69%. I wonder if I can manage to break 70% this week?

Coming up this week:

I am about half-way through “The Radium Girls” which I am really enjoying so that review should be posted in a couple of days.


I have also started reading “London Underground Serial Killer” and hope to finish it before the week is out. london-underground-serial-killer

Ok, so that’s it for this week.

Happy Reading!



Weekly Round-Up 2/12/2017

Another week is done and dusted, so let’s take a look at what I’ve accomplished.

TBR Update:

The week started with a TBR count of 276. In the last 7 days 3 books dropped off the list and three were added, so the final count as of today is 276, again. Here are the three additions.


These were all sent to me by Pen & Sword Books in exchange for a review, so you will be seeing my reviews here in a few weeks.

NetGalley rating: remains unchanged at 68%. I am currently reading Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency for NetGalley and you should see my review in a couple of days.


Coming up this week:

Last week I mentioned that I was reading White Lead by Susan Daitch, unfortunately I really wasn’t enjoying the book so I did not finish it and will not be writing a review. As mentioned I am reading Maggie Dove’s and that review should be posted this week. I will also be posting a review of Paydown by Nick Stephenson paydown

By the end of the week, I hope to be reading The Radium Girls by Kate Moorethe-radium-girls

So that’s what is happening in my little corner of the book world. I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Reading!

Weekly Round-up 2/5/2017

Another week comes to an end. Let’s review what’s been happening. I finished and reviewed 3 books. “Death Calls at the Palace” took me into a mystery in Victorian London and gained a 3.5 star rating. “The Hanover Square Affair” was also in London, this time for the Regency period and garnered 4 stars. Finally, I visited Northern California in “A Killer Location” which also garnered 4 stars. So, it was a week of mysteries here at Alinefromabook.

TBR Update:

The week started with 275 books. I read 2, bringing the total to 273. Late in the week, I got bitten by NetGalley again and added 3. The ending TBR is 276. I have decided to feel no shame. It seems that I have hit a sweet spot at 275, give or take a couple. There are just so many good stories out there!

NetGalley rating:

I started the week with a 68% rating but after receiving 2 books i have dropped down to 66%. I also had 5 books pop over to the “more than 3 months” column. That’s bad, so I will be putting more effort into NetGalley books for a few weeks.

Coming up:

I will finally finish “The Lengthening War


I’m also working on “White Lead”


So here’s hoping I get lots of reading time this week.

Happy Reading!