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Weekly Round-Up 10/15/2017

Hello everybody! Time for another check-in. It’s been a slow week for reading, but I have a 4 day weekend coming up next week, so I’m hoping to do a little catching up then. Last night my teenage son made dinner for the first time, hamburgers and french fries, and my kitchen was such a wreck afterwards. I’m still finding grease spots everywhere this morning. But his really enjoying the Cultures and Cuisine class that he’s taking. Next up I think is blueberry muffins. He’s also learned how to make a pretty mean omelet and discovered that he likes lots of pepper with his eggs. OK, here we go:

TBR – I did finish one book this week. Sorry I didn’t get the review up yet but hopefully for tomorrow. I did not add any books, so the total today is 270. I know I promised last week to finish listening to “The Muse” but I’m not quite done. I have 2 hours left, maybe I can finish today or tomorrow.

NetGalley – No change here, still at 86%.

Goodreads challenge – Okay, I’m falling behind. I’m now at 3 books behind schedule.

Coming Up – Review of “The Modoc War” by Robert Aquinas McNalley will go up tomorrow.The Modoc War

Review of “The Muse” by Jessie Burton should go up later this week.The Muse

I’ve just started reading “Victoria and Abdul” by Shranani Basu. I’m moving pretty quickly so you might also see that review this coming week. Victoria and Abdul

So that’s it for today. I hope you all have a great week and read lots of books!

Happy Reading!



Weekly Round-Up 10/8/2017

Another Sunday, another Round-Up. A pretty ordinary week has passed, though I did get a new dryer this week. It’s always nice when the dryer actually drys the clothes. So let’s take a look at my library and see what’s been happening there.

TBR – So, I added 3 books this week and I finished 2, giving me a new total of 270.

Goodreads Challenge – I’m still 1 book behind schedule.

NetGalley Score – still at 86%

Coming Up – I’m still working my way through the audiobook version of “The Muse“. I’m about halfway through so I’m going to try to finish it this week. The Muse

I’m also reading “The Modoc War” by Robert Aquinas McNalley and hope to finish it this week also. The Modoc War

So that’s it for today guys. I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Reading!

Weekly Round-Up 10/1/2017

Do you ever pick up a book and enjoy it so much that you just want to take it slow and savor it? Well, I’m working on a couple of books right now that fit that description, which is why I only managed to finish 1 book this week. On a more personal note, I just need to have a little bragging moment. My son, a high school senior, is taking a Philosophy class at one of the local colleges this semester, and so far he is getting straight A’s in the class. This is no small achievement for him and I’m am thoroughly enjoying this proud Mom moment (now if I can just get him to pick up his dirty laundry…). We also had a near panic this week when the dryer went on the fritz after 20+ years of faithful service. But thanks to a sale at Best Buy, the crisis has been averted.

Moving on to more bookish stuff, let’s check the numbers:

TBR – Somehow I managed to go a whole week without adding any books. The total today stands at 269.

NetGalley score – I’m still at 86% here.

Goodreads challenge – Still 1 book behind schedule.

Coming Up – I don’t usually pay much attention to travel books, but Pen & Sword sent me a copy of “London Curiosities” by John Wade and I’m really having fun with it. The subtitle is “The capital’s odd & obscure, weird & wonderful places”. This book is full of interesting things to see in London and I think you could put together a really fun tour of city using this book. London Curiosities I expect to finish this one this week. I’m also hoping to finish “Carnegie’s Maid” by Marie Benedict this week. Carnegie's Maid I think that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great one. See you next Sunday with another round-up.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 9/24/2017

Here we are again. A week of antibiotics has me feeling human again, so that’s good. I’m not so happy that I had to get a jacket out last night to go for an evening walk. But I do live in North Dakota so it’s to be expected. Otherwise it’s been a pretty quiet week at my house, though I didn’t get as much reading done as I wanted to. So let’s take a look at my numbers for today.

TBR – I finished 1 book (disgraceful 😞), and added 3. That brings the TBR total to 270.

NetGalley rating – This is good new, my rating has moved up to 86%. 😊

Goodreads challenge – I’m on track with this challenge.

Coming up – Confession time: I have 6 different books that I have started reading and now I’m having one of those “what was I thinking” moments. They just all look so good right now. So here’s what I’m hoping to finish in the coming week.

Children in the Second World War” by Amanda Herbert-Davies Children in the Second World War and “Carnegie’s Maid” by Marie Benedict Carnegie's Maid This one won’t be released until January and my review will be posted close to the release date. It is however available for pre-order on Amazon, just click the link above. That’s all I have for today, guys. Hope you all have a great week. 😃

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 9/17/2017

This week’s round-up is taking place in the sick ward because I have a raging sinus infection.😷🤧 I am on antibiotics though, so there is a chance I will live another day. 😊 In other news, the cold weather is starting to creep into the forecast her in North Dakota so it’s time to unpack the cold weather clothes. So let’s look at how I’ve been doing with my reading…

TBR – I finished two books this week and by some miracle didn’t add any, so the TBR is now at 268.

NetGalley – I didn’t finish any NetGalley books this week so score is still at 84%.

Goodreads Challenge – I am currently 1 book behind. 😞

Coming Up – Tomorrow I will be posting my review of “Birdcage Walk” by Helen Dunmore. Birdcage Walk I am currently reading “The Trouble With Harriet” by Dorothy Cannell, The Trouble With Harriet and “Children in the Second World War” by Amanda Herbert-Davies. Children in the Second World War So that’s it for this round-up. I hope you all are avoiding the nasty little viruses that are floating around. See you next week!

Happy Reading!

P.S. Did you notice I discovered how to add emojis? Just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Weekly Round-Up 9/10/2017

Welcome back everyone! It’s time for another round-up. Not much happening this week, just work and reading. My son has a cold this weekend so I’m doing all I can to avoid him in the hopes that I won’t catch it. Let’s see how the numbers look today.

TBR – I finished 1 book and 1 short story, so the current TBR is 270. I didn’t add any books this week but, full disclosure, I did request 3 from a list sent to me by Pen & Sword Publishing. Since they haven’t actually arrived yet, they are not on the list.

NetGalley – The book I finished this week was a NetGalley title and that bumped my score up to 84%.

Goodreads challenge – As of today, I am on track.

Coming Up – I will shortly have up my review of the short story Rusted Halo by Jade Alyse. Rusted Halo

In the next couple of days I will post my review of Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots by Kathryn Burtinshaw & Dr. John Burt. Lunatics Imbeciles and Idiots

I am currently reading Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore. Birdcage Walk

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a good week.

Happy Reading!



Weekly Round-Up 9/3/2017

Here we are again, another Sunday, another Round-Up. A pretty ordinary week, we’re back in the groove of school and already looking forward to graduation in May. So let’s get on with the numbers.

TBR – I added 1 book and finished reading 2. Today’s total is 272.

NetGalley – Both books that I finished were from NetGalley and my score has climbed to 83%.

Goodreads challenge – I am currently on track, though I’d prefer to be ahead by 1 or 2.

Coming up – Right now I’m reading “Blackout” by Marc Elsberg. Blackout

I’ve got the short story “Rusted Halo” Rusted Halo by Jade Alyse on the schedule for this week followSed by “Birdcage Walk” Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore.

So that’s it for this week. If you live in the U.S., I hope you have a great Labor Day tomorrow. I’ll check in again next Sunday.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 8/20/2017

Well, this week didn’t go as planned. The process of getting ready to go back to school just seemed to take over my week and I didn’t get nearly as much reading done as I had hoped, nor did I do as many narrations as I wanted to. So, I start work again tomorrow and it will probably take me a couple of weeks to figure out what I can realistically accomplish each week. I apologize if you all have been missing me this week. Let’s check my status.

TBR – I did not add any books this week. But in the interests of full disclosure, I have at least 3 requests in at NetGalley. I finished 2 books this week and the current total is 274.

NetGalley Score – Currently sitting at 82% but if those requests come thru, I’m doomed.

Goodreads – I am still on track but barely…

Coming Up – So this is what’s coming but I’m making no guarantees as to when at this point. Review of “The Fact of a Body” by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, hopefully up tomorrow. The Fact of a Body I am currently reading “A Perfect Obsession” by Heather Graham. A Perfect Obsession So that’s it for today guys. Assuming I survive my first week back I check back in with you next week.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up

Well, as you can see in the image I have achieved the coveted 80% badge on NetGalley. Now, let’s see how long I can keep it!

I am now only 2 weeks away from going back to work. I hope I can keep the momentum going here on the blog but I have a feeling some things are going to slip. I got a little behind on my narration schedule this week, partly because I had contractors in my house for 2 days, and partly because my dad bought me a new mic for my birthday and I’m waiting for it to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

Now on to the good stuff…

TBR – this week I acquired 3 books: 2 ebooks and an audiobook. I finished 2 books, leaving me with a TBR of 276.

Goodreads – this challenge is really a challenge this year. Midweek, I was actually caught up and on track, but by Saturday I was 1 book behind again.

Coming up – Tomorrow you will get my review of “Emma in the Night” by Wendy Walker. Emma in the Night I’m listening to “The Muse” by Jessie Burton. The Muse Hopefully on Friday, you’ll get my review of “The Silent Corner” by Dean Koontz. The Silent Corner I will try to get a couple more narrations up also depending on what day my new mic arrives.

I hope you all have a great week! Happy Reading!