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November Round-Up

So we’ve been having winter for about a month now up here. Temperatures have barely crossed above freezing in the last couple of weeks. I was find it amusing when people in states further south talk about being cold. I was watching a YouTube video today of a girl talking about the great sweatshirt she bought and how great it is now that it’s getting colder in California. Ok, I grew up in California and they ain’t never felt cold over there. We had sweatshirt weather here for about 3 days in September and then got out the heavy coats (perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much).

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m going to talk about books. Have I actually even looked at a book during the last month? Let’s find out.

TBR – I added 6 books in November and read 5. TBR now stands at 189. To be completely honest, I also requested another 4 (or maybe 5) books from NetGalley in November but those requests have not been granted yet.

Goodreads Challenge – Failing miserably this year. I am 9 books behind schedule and have no hope of getting caught up.

NetGalley Score – This number went up by 1 to 87%. (Finally, some improvement)

John Connolly Challenge – I finished book 10. Six more to go!

Coming Up – I’ve got reviews coming of “The Dream Daughter” by Diane ChamberlainThe Dream Daughter and “The Cutting Edge” by Jeffrey Deaver. The Cutting EdgeI’ve just gotten started reading the British Crime Classic “The Belting Inheritance” by Julian Symons.The Belting Inheritance I will be listening to “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula K. LeGuin.The Lathe of Heaven That’s as much planning as my overworked brain can handle for today so you’ll just have to stay tuned and see what shows up here.

I hope everybody has a great holiday season and I will check in again as we roll over into 2019.

Happy Reading!


October Round-Up

Hello again! I hope you have all been enjoying October. It’s definitely gotten cooler here and my trees are pretty much bare now. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out and re-organizing of my TBR so that number sees a big change. I’ve also been incorporating some review of items other than books on the blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying it, or at least not hating it. So let’s see what the numbers look like.

TBR – I eliminated a total of 76 books from the list after revisiting them and deciding that I was no longer interested in reading them. In addition, I read or listened to 6 books this month, very, very sad performance here. Finally, I acquired 7 books during the month. All of that, brings the grand total to 192.

Goodreads Challenge – Not good, but not too bad. I am 4 books behind schedule currently.

NetGalley score – Somehow I have managed to keep this score at 86% despite my dismal reading performance.

John Connolly Challenge – Book 9 finished this month. Again I listened to the audiobook version.

Coming Up – In November, I plan to listen to Book 10 of the Charlie Parker series “The Burning Soul“.The Burning Soul I will also be listening to “The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchinson.The Butterfly Garden This is my first book from this author and sounds like it could be really creepy. I am reading “Crux” by Jean GuerreroCrux right now and after that plan to take up “The Dream Daughter” by Diane Chamberlain.The Dream Daughter I will soon be posting reviews of “Blue Murder” by Colin Watson,Blue MurderThe Sleeper” by Emily Barr,The Sleeper and an outlier “The Crochet Stitch Handbook” by Betty Barnden. The Crochet Stitch Handbook

I think that’s about it for the month guys. I hope every one has a great November, enjoy your Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and don’t forget to read!

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Weekly Round-Up 9/30/2018

Welcome to the round-up everybody. It’s a sunny day here in North Dakota and I have been busy. I decided this weekend to go through my entire TBR and take off any books that I was no longer interested in. I’ve made it about halfway through my list so far and there has been some radical changes. Let’s see exactly how the numbers have changed so far.

TBR – Last night I removed 44 books from the list leaving me with a total today of 219 books to be read. I did not actually finish reading any books this past week and I didn’t add any either.

Goodreads Challenge – Complete disaster here. I am 5 books behind schedule for this challenge.

NetGalley score – Still at 86%.

John Connolly Challenge – No change here.

Coming Up – I have no clue at this point and am now afraid to make predictions. Going forward I’m going to change from a weekly round-up to a monthly round-up because week to week I’m just not doing as much reading as I used to. So that’s what’s going on here. I hope you all have a great week!

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Weekly Round-Up 9/16/2018

Weekly Round-Up 9/16/2018

Well, as it turns out I didn’t finish reading anything this week so there is nothing to report book-wise. Since I had used up all my credits on Audible I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts this last week. Question: would you guys be interested in reviews of podcasts? This new job I have is really cutting down on my reading time. I’ve also dabbling a little bit into Librivox recordings which are free to listen to. Would reviews of those be interesting?

What I’m Currently Reading: I’m still working on “A Georgian Heroine” by Joanne Major & Sarah Murden, which I’m a little over half way through. It’s a fascinating story and I would love to finish it today if I can sneak some reading in between chores. I have started reading “A Measure of Darkness” by Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman. This story has started out with some real intensity so I’m hopeful that I will enjoy it. I will be posting my review of “The Lovers” by John Connolly today or tomorrow. I’ll catch up with you guys again next week. If you are in the path of Florence my thoughts are with you.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 9/9/2018

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in North Dakota and the trees are starting to show signs of fall color. So let’s take a quick peek at the numbers and see what they look like.

TBR – I added 2 books this week and I finished reading or listening to a whopping 4 books. That makes the new total 267!

Goodreads Challenge – I am back on schedule.

NetGalley Score – I’m back at 85% here.

John Connolly Challenge – Progress here – I was able to listen to the audiobook of “The LoversThe Lovers which is #8 in the series. Next up “The Whisperers“.The Whisperers

Coming Up – I am currently reading “A Georgian HeroineA Georgian Heroineby Joanne Major & Sarah Murden, and “A Measure of DarknessA Measure of Darkness by Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman. I hope you all have a great week and read lots of fabulous books.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 9/2/2018

Welcome back faithful followers! It’s time for another round-up. No life news this week so we’ll just go straight to the numbers.

TBR – I posted some reviews this week but those were books I had read the previous week. This week I did not actually finish reading any books (shame is written all over my face). On the other hand, I didn’t add any books this week (though I did request a couple from NetGalley). So the TBR stands at 269.

Goodreads Challenge – I am two books behind schedule, as usual.

NetGalley score – The reviews that I posted bumped me up one notch to 86%.

John Connolly Challenge – I haven’t yet picked up “The Lovers”, so no change here.

Coming up – I will be finishing “Queens of Georgian Britain”Queens of Georgian Britain today (I’ve only got about 20 pages left). I’m also hoping to finish “One Man’s Meat”One Man's Meat in the next couple of days. I’m also listening to “The Forgotten Garden”The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and should be able to finish that this week. So that’s what the week is shaping up to be. Hope you all have a great one!

Happy Reading!



Weekly Round-Up 8/26/2018

Welcome to the Round-Up! If you were here last week, you know that I was starting a new full-time job this week and wasn’t sure how that would impact my reading. As it turned out, I haven’t had as much time for reading but I have been able to do a lot of listening while I work. So while I didn’t finish any print books, I did manage to finish 2 audiobooks and start a 3rd. Let’s get into the details.

TBR – Lucky for me, Audible was having a 2 for 1 sale last Sunday and I took advantage of that, picking up 2 books. I finished one print book and the 2 audiobooks. Those reviews should be up soon. Total TBR today is 268.

Goodreads Challenge – Unfortunately, I am still 2 books behind schedule on this one.

NetGalley score – Still at 85%. I think I’ll be stuck here forever.

John Connolly Challenge – One of the audiobooks I finished is “The Reapers” which gets me about halfway through the series as it stands now.

Coming Up – I am currently reading “Queens of Georgian Britian” by Catherine CurzonQueens of Georgian Britain and “One Man’s Meat” by Colin Watson.One Man's Meat I am listening to a history selection called “American Nations” by Colin Woodard.American Nations My reviews of “The Reapers”The Reapers and “No Cure for the Dead”No Cure for the Dead should be going up in the next couple of days. Reaching the top soon will be the audiobook of “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate MortonThe Forgotten Garden and “Regina Diana” by Vivien Newman.Regina Diana

And just in case your wondering, the new job is going really well. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 8/19/2018

Good morning all! I have a bit of news today. I will be starting a new job on Tuesday, which I’m very excited about, but I’m going to be losing some of my reading time. So, I will be posting reviews but they may not be quite as frequent. As for the weather, we are having a rainy day here in North Dakota, a sure sign that fall is not to far away. Let’s take a look at the numbers for this week.

TBR – I finished reading 2 books this week and I did not add any to the list. The total is now 269!

Goodreads Challenge – I am 2 books behind schedule this week.

NetGalley Score – Still at 85%.

John Connolly Challenge – I am 75% through “The Reapers” audiobook.

Coming Up – I finished “No Cure for the Dead” by Christine TrentNo Cure for the Dead last night and I’ll be getting that review up today or tomorrow. I will probably also have my review of “The Reapers” up sometime this coming week.The Reapers I am currently reading “Queens of Georgian Britain” by Catherine CurzonQueens of Georgian Britain and after that I will be visiting Flaxborough again with “One Man’s Meat” by Colin Watson.One Man's Meat

Well, wish me luck on my new endeavor and I’ll check in again next week.

Happy Reading!


Weekly Round-Up 8/12/2018

Another Sunday, another round-up. It’s been blistering hot here in North Dakota this week and I turned over another birthday. But have I managed to do any reading this week? Let’s look and see.

TBR – I read 2 books this week and added 1 leaving a new total of 271. Hmmm…I thought I’d done better than that.

Goodreads Challenge – I am 2 books behind schedule.

NetGalley Score – Still at 85%.

John Connolly Challenge – No progress on this one.

Coming Up – I am currently reading “Maladies & Medicine” by Jennifer Evans & Sara Read.Maladies and Medicine After that I’ll be reading “No Cure for the Dead” by Christine TrentNo Cure for the Dead and then “Queens of Georgian Britain” by Catherine Curzon.Queens of Georgian Britain

So that’s the update for the week. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me and a hope you have a wonderful week.

Happy Reading!

Weekly Round-Up 8/5/2018

Good morning world! Actually, it’s not that great for me because I was awake all night with some kind of stomach bug. On the upside, I have a birthday coming up this week and that should be fun. So let’s take a look at this week’s numbers.

TBR – This week I finished one book and acquired one book. TBR total is now 272. Unfortunately, I got a little lazy about writing up my reviews and I owe you guys a couple.

Goodreads Challenge – I am currently 2 books behind schedule, but I’m sure I can fix that.

NetGalley Score – Still stuck at 85%.

John Connolly Challenge – I’m listening to “The Reapers”… very slowly.

Coming Up – I’ve decided for August to focus most of my reading on my backlog of books from Pen & Sword Publishing, so expect some historical book reviews. First up will be “Fatal Evidence” by Helen Barrell.Fatal Evidence Then I’ve got “Weekend At Thrackley” by Alan Melville. Weekend At Thrackley

So that’s it for now. I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Reading!