“What Regency Women Did For Us” by Rachel Knowles

“What Regency Women Did For Us” by Rachel Knowles


In the nineteenth century, women faced challenges and constraints that many of us would find shocking by today’s standards. What Regency Women Did for Us tells the inspirational stories of twelve women who overcame entrenched institutional obstacles to achieve trailblazing success—women such as the German astronomer Caroline Herschel, who discovered a comet that bears her name; the French artist Marie Tussaud whose wax sculptures made her world famous; the great author Jane Austen whose novels continue to delight generations of readers. These women were pioneers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, authors, scientists, and actresses—women who made an impact on their world and ours.

Popular history blogger Rachel Knowles tells how each of these women challenged the limitations of their time and left an enduring legacy for future generations to follow. Two hundred years later, their stories remain powerful inspirations for us all.

My Thoughts:

I just loving learning about “Unsung” heroes, even better when they are women. The biographies in this book were very informative and seemed to be thoroughly researched. I also enjoyed the author’s writing style which is not textbookey but very approachable. The stories in this book served to remind me again that the struggle of women for independence and recognition did not start in the 20th century but much longer before that. I think it’s important that we don’t let these early trailblazers drift away in the dust of history. Women’s history lovers in particular should really enjoy this one.

Alinefromabook’s rating:

Glowing StarGlowing StarGlowing StarGlowing StarGlowing Star

Happy Reading!


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