5/25/2019 at Alinefromabook

Friday Night Bunny Hop

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here before that we have wild rabbits around our neighborhood. I look forward every spring to the arrival of the bunnies in my yard and this year was no different. Most years I’ll see a momma and baby in the spring and by the end of summer the babies are all grown up. Well, this year I’ve been waiting and waiting, checking the yard every time I go by a window and no bunnies had arrived. Then last night I’m sitting on the sofa and my husband is at the kitchen sink and all of a sudden he starts saying “Bunnies, Bunnies!” So I run to the window and sure enough there are 2 bunnies in the yard.

The 1st one pretty quickly hopped off the the first and disappeared and I said to the 2nd bunny, “Oh, come over here where I can see you better”. And the next thing I know this rabbit is hopping UP the steps of my deck toward where I’m standing at the patio door. He pauses there and I so wanted to get my camera but was afraid he would see the movement and get scared and go away. So instead I watched and admired him while he did a little turn around the patio table, paused again where I could get a good look at him, and hopped off down the stairs. Now, I’m not an outdoorsman and you won’t find me up close and personal on an African safari. But I do enjoy these kid of chance encounters with wildlife and this was the perfect ending to my busy week.

White-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus townsendii)

Primarily clad in brown and gray tones, white-tailed jackrabbits get their name from their conspicuous, white tails. Native to the Western and Midwestern portions of the United States and Canada, white-tailed jackrabbits are most active at night–an adaptation that helps them avoid birds of prey. White-tailed jackrabbits consume a wide variety of herbaceous plants, twigs, bark and fruit.

White-Tailed Jackrabbit

One thought on “5/25/2019 at Alinefromabook

  1. Aww, how great! We don’t get bunnies round here but we do get squirrels and I love seeing them scamper up the trees, and even up the sides of the building sometimes. They don’t let me get near enough to ever take a decent photo though – camera shy!

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