5/17/2019 at Alinefromabook

So we have arrived at the end of another week. I’m am worn out and since I don’t have to work this weekend I may not even get out of my recliner until Monday morning. The weather will be offering no incentive either as there is a 100% chance of rain tomorrow. I haven’t done too much actual reading this week but I have finished 2 audiobooks. If I can bear the strain of typing maybe I’ll get some reviews written while I’m relaxing.

My TBR currently stands at exactly 200 which I think is an increase since I last checked but to be honest, I have been paying very close attention recently. The most exciting thing for me in books is that John Connolly’s latest, which is scheduled for release in October, came available for request on NetGalley this week. I would be over the moon with excitement if I get approved. Wish me luck! I have 2 books that I’ve started and, fingers crossed, I’ll finish one in the next couple days.

In family news, my son finished his first year of college and started a summer course. And today, in a rare burst of energy, he cleaned up the kitchen for me and made crepes. With the school year ended and students leaving the 3 local colleges the city is starting to feel a little empty. The exodus will continue after Memorial Day as local families move out to the lakes for the summer. We however, are among the few locals who don’t really get into lake life and will stay put until vacation time.

We were watching a couple of political commentators on PBS this evening and come to find out there is a division between voters over age 45 and voters under age 45 in this country. I can’t help but chuckle at this because they say it like it’s some kind of new thing but I could swear that I remember hearing the adults in the 70’s talking about a very similar division when they were electing Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. The older I get, the more I realize that as a society we just keep fighting the same battles over and over. The names and faces change but ultimately the issues don’t really change. Yes, it’s time again for the presidential race in the US. We have a year and half to sort through the dozens of candidates before casting our votes upon the winds of fate next year. Let the scandals begin!

Happy Reading!

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