3/9/19 at Alinefromabook

I’ve just finished lunch and according to my To Do List for today I should be writing book reviews. But I also have a sinus infection with the attendant headache which is making it very hard to focus. So, I thought I would just ramble a little bit. I’ve got 3 audiobooks ready to be reviewed and I’m hoping to finish an e-book this weekend. Question for you all, I’ve been listening to quite a few of the Audible Originals recently. Are you guys interested in them? Would you like to see reviews? Let me know in the comments.

It’s snowing here…again…and the handle crank on the snowblower has somehow gotten out of alignment so I have to take a look at that this afternoon before my husband needs to use it again to clean the driveway. On the upside, the temperatures are supposed to actually get above freezing by the end of the week.

Reviews coming soon:

Brain on FireTwo Kinds of Truth

Strange the DreamerThe Liar's Child

What I’m reading next: “The Suffering of Women Who Didn’t Fit” by David J. Vaughan, “The Energy Codes” by Sue Morter, and “A Song of Shadows” by John Connolly.

My TBR currently stands at 196 and I am, miraculously, on track with my Goodreads challenge. So, I guess I’ll leave it at that. Not sure there was really any point to this post but I guess not everything has to make a point.

Happy Reading!




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