January 2019 Round-Up

Welcome back friends! It feels like such a long time since I’ve done one of these. Here in North Dakota we’ve shoveled our way through 3 blizzards in January and bundled up against arctic temperatures for more days in a row than was really necessary. Yesterday, the temperature finally got back above zero but we’re definitely not out of winter yet. I’m hopeful though because the groundhog didn’t see his shadow yesterday and supposedly that means winter will be shorter. Other than that I’ve just been working and mostly listening to books. So let’s see what the bookish numbers look like today.

TBR:  So I started the year with 192 books on my TBR. In January I read, or listened to, 7 books. I also succumbed to temptation at NetGalley and picked up 6 new books there, and my father gave me a book that he really wants me to read. Also, the audiobooks I listen to usually don’t get added to the TBR, so my total today is 201. That’s a little disturbing…

Goodreads Challenge:  I set my goal for 2019 at 80 books and so far I am on track with that goal.

NetGalley Score:  I was at 86% when I started the year but, of course, I went a little nuts with acquisitions and my score has dropped to 84%. Gotta get this back in control.

John Connolly Challenge:  I listened to book 12 in the series this month so I’m getting close to the end.

Coming Up:  I’ve got 2 books I finished this past week that I hope to get reviews up for this week. I’m currently reading “Death in the Stocks” by Georgette HeyerDeath in the Stocks and, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, “A History of Cadbury” by Diane Wordsworth.A History of Cadbury I’m also listening to “My Sister’s Grave” by Robert Dugoni. My Sister's Grave Well, thanks for stopping by for this little update. Take some time to look around and we’ll chat again soon.

Happy Reading!

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