November Round-Up

So we’ve been having winter for about a month now up here. Temperatures have barely crossed above freezing in the last couple of weeks. I was find it amusing when people in states further south talk about being cold. I was watching a YouTube video today of a girl talking about the great sweatshirt she bought and how great it is now that it’s getting colder in California. Ok, I grew up in California and they ain’t never felt cold over there. We had sweatshirt weather here for about 3 days in September and then got out the heavy coats (perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much).

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m going to talk about books. Have I actually even looked at a book during the last month? Let’s find out.

TBR – I added 6 books in November and read 5. TBR now stands at 189. To be completely honest, I also requested another 4 (or maybe 5) books from NetGalley in November but those requests have not been granted yet.

Goodreads Challenge – Failing miserably this year. I am 9 books behind schedule and have no hope of getting caught up.

NetGalley Score – This number went up by 1 to 87%. (Finally, some improvement)

John Connolly Challenge – I finished book 10. Six more to go!

Coming Up – I’ve got reviews coming of “The Dream Daughter” by Diane ChamberlainThe Dream Daughter and “The Cutting Edge” by Jeffrey Deaver. The Cutting EdgeI’ve just gotten started reading the British Crime Classic “The Belting Inheritance” by Julian Symons.The Belting Inheritance I will be listening to “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula K. LeGuin.The Lathe of Heaven That’s as much planning as my overworked brain can handle for today so you’ll just have to stay tuned and see what shows up here.

I hope everybody has a great holiday season and I will check in again as we roll over into 2019.

Happy Reading!

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