“The Burning Soul” by John Connolly

“The Burning Soul” by John Connolly

Narrated by George Guidall & Tony Ward

Book 10 The Charlie Parker series

A young girl has gone missing in Pastor’s Bay, Maine. When a lawyer friend of Charlie’s asks him to agree to a job without knowing what it is, his guard is up. The client is Randall Haight and he has a secret, a big secret. Randall lives not too far from the missing girl and he quickly becomes the prime suspect. At the same time, he’s receiving threatening mail from an anonymous source. Charlie sets out to find the person who is sending the mail, but he also thinks there is some kind of a link between Randall and the missing girl, though he doesn’t think Randall is involved in her abduction. Along the way, he comes into conflict with law enforcement and finds it necessary to call in all his resources to protect his client.

Two of my favorite people working together again, lucky me! You all know how much I love the Charlie Parker series and George Guidall is hands down my favorite narrator right now. I really enjoyed this story. I really felt for Charlie when his lawyer friend kind of tricked him into working for Randall Haight and I appreciate how John Connolly makes him such a true-to-life character. The usual associates are in this story but the plot really focuses on Charlie and Randall. I was also taken completely by surprise, in a good way, by the ending. I really didn’t see it coming but I liked the way the story wrapped up. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised that one of the main characters was from North Dakota and parts of the story took place there. Thank you John Connolly for noticing us way up here in the Northern Plains. Another great installment in a series of winners!

Alinefromabook’s rating: 5-star-rating  5 stars!!

Happy Listening!

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