The Universe’s Star Highlighter – INMO Cosmetics

The Universe’s Star Highlighter – INMO Cosmetics

I received this highlighter recently in a subscription box and was excited to give it a try even though I was not acquainted with the brand INMO. The color I received is Twilight. The website says it’s a cream to powder formula.

twilight_1177xWhen I swatched it on my hand it looked peachy with a golden shift. It looked like a good match for my skin color and I’ve been really enjoying peach lately. So I tried it on my cheeks one day but didn’t feel like I got much color and it was hardly noticeable after a day at work. I decided to give it another try, thinking I had been in a particular hurry the previous day and maybe hadn’t done a very good job applying it. The second time I tried it I had a lot of difficulty getting any product on my brush but I did manage to get some color on my cheeks and I thought it looked pretty good. Until about halfway through the day when it started to look obvious on my skin, like it was just sitting on top of the skin. The third time I went to try it the surface had turned hard and I was unable to pick up any powder even after digging with the brush. So overall, I loved the color but I won’t be purchasing it.

INMO Cosmetics website

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