Weekly Round-Up 9/16/2018

Weekly Round-Up 9/16/2018

Well, as it turns out I didn’t finish reading anything this week so there is nothing to report book-wise. Since I had used up all my credits on Audible I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts this last week. Question: would you guys be interested in reviews of podcasts? This new job I have is really cutting down on my reading time. I’ve also dabbling a little bit into Librivox recordings which are free to listen to. Would reviews of those be interesting?

What I’m Currently Reading: I’m still working on “A Georgian Heroine” by Joanne Major & Sarah Murden, which I’m a little over half way through. It’s a fascinating story and I would love to finish it today if I can sneak some reading in between chores. I have started reading “A Measure of Darkness” by Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman. This story has started out with some real intensity so I’m hopeful that I will enjoy it. I will be posting my review of “The Lovers” by John Connolly today or tomorrow. I’ll catch up with you guys again next week. If you are in the path of Florence my thoughts are with you.

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Weekly Round-Up 9/16/2018

  1. I don’t listen to podcasts but would still be happy to hear more about them. I’d be interested in Librivox reviews – I haven’t ever tried one but would like to if they’re good…


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