Weekly Round-Up 6/24/2018

Happy Sunday followers! I can’t believe that this is the last Sunday in June. Not much going on around here this past week, but tomorrow my son and I will be going to his new college for registration and orientation, so that will be a big day. But you’re just here to see what my numbers look like this week, so let’s get into it.

TBR – I finished one book but I didn’t add any this week. TBR is now at 276.

Goodreads Challenge – Not so good, I am 2 books behind schedule this week.

NetGalley Score – Good news here, my score rose to 84%.

John Connolly Challenge – I’m still listening to “The Unquiet”. I’m about halfway through.

Coming Up – I’m thinking about reading nothing but NetGalley titles for the month of July so I can bring down my backlist of titles. But for this coming week, I hope to finish “The Sentinel’s Reign” by Suzanne Rogerson and maybe “The Unquiet” also. I have some other irons in the fire right now that are taking away some of my reading time so I’m not going to commit myself to too much.

Have a wonderful week.

Happy Reading!


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