“Lullaby Road” by James Anderson

“Lullaby Road” by James Anderson

Something really different for your reading pleasure! Ben Jones is a truck driver on Route 117, a remote highway in the desert of Utah. He travels back and forth from Price to Rockmuse making deliveries the “desert rats” that live along his route. As he heads off on his route one winter morning he comes across a mute Hispanic child. Not being able to leave the child alone at a truck stop, he takes him with in the cab planning to find his father, a truck stop employee, upon his return. This is just the start of what will turn out to be a very unusual day for Ben and everyone who lives on Route 117.

This story is simply incredible and there’s really not a good category to put it in. It’s fiction but with a lot of mystery and thrills thrown in. Ben is a bit of a troubled soul. His lost the love of his life and his only comfort is the presence of a young single mom who lives in the other half of his duplex. His route puts him in contact with a wild assortment of people, some friendly, others downright hostile, and all wanting to be left alone. Rockmuse is a community that is slowly being abandoned following the withdrawal of a source of employment. This story is so rich with characters and all of them make the narrative happen, none of them feeling superfluous. I also really enjoyed the rich descriptions of the desert, capturing everything about it from the rocks to the weather, and you really get the feeling that the desert and the people that live there and somehow intrinsically intertwined with each other. Finally, the story itself is full of attention-grabbing interactions and twists that all feel like they could really happen but perhaps only in that place. You really should check out this rich and fascinating story.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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