Weekly Round-Up 5/27/18 – (A Day Late)

Congratulations to my son Chris! He received his diploma yesterday and didn’t even trip when walking across the stage. Apparently quite a few of the kids in his class were worried about that but they all made it in one piece. We had a great time with my family afterwards and are now spending the day recuperating from all the eating we did last night. So, let’s check the book numbers, it probably won’t be good.

TBR – 2 books came off the list this week because they just weren’t holding my interest and I didn’t want to force myself to finish them. I did finish reading 1 book, review to come, but I also added 1 book. The total on the TBR as of now is 275.

Goodreads Challenge – Failing miserably here, I am currently 4 books behind schedule.

NetGalley Score – Dropped to 84% this week.

John Connolly Challenge – I haven’t picked up book 6 yet.

Coming Up – I’m going back to Flaxborough with “The Flaxborough Crab” by Colin Watson.The Flaxborough Crab  I’m also visiting Wyoming with the audiobook version the Walt Longmire story “The Cold Dish” by Craig Johnson.The Cold Dish Also coming soon, a trip to Utah with “Lullaby Road” by James Anderson.Lullaby Road

That’s it then. I hope y’all have a great week and read some great stories along the way.

Happy Reading!

P.S. I see that “The Flaxborough Crab” is only 99 cents on Kindle right now. Click the title above to go to the Amazon page.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up 5/27/18 – (A Day Late)

    1. When I read the first description of the crab walking I had to pause and think about for a minute. But once I had the image in my head it was quite a ridiculous idea. I also should have known to expect Miss Teatime would be involved in something this comical.

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