“Nocturnes” by John Connolly

“Nocturnes” by John Connolly

A collection of short stories including a Charlie Parker novella

Narrated by Jeff Harding

There are a lot of creepy, crawly things happening in this book and the spiders are only one of them. “Nocturnes” is an assortment of John Connolly’s short stories. “The New Daughter” is one I particularly enjoyed. This one was made into a movie which I saw before I read the book. In this one a father and his two children move into an old house, after which the daughter’s behavior starts to change. She becomes fascinated by a mound of dirt on the property but what is it that really has a hold on her? Sidenote: the movie was good also. Of course, my favorite part of the book is the Charlie Parker novella near the end. A photo of a young girl is left in the mailbox of an empty house and sends Parker on the hunt for a child killer who’s a little more than he appears to be.

Finally, I found the narration of this to be quite compelling. Jeff Harding has narrated other books by John Connolly and always does a good job, but for some reason in this one, I found myself listening as much to hear the narrator’s voice as to hear the story. All in all this is a top-notch collection which I highly recommend.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-5-star-rating  4.5 stars!!!

Happy Reading!

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