“The Iron Fin” by Anne Renwick

“The Iron Fin” by Anne Renwick

The Elemental Web Chronicles Book 3

When I was growing up my favorite fantasy world was the Land of Oz, which I loved for its complexity and the ingenious mechanics that would pop up periodically (a city that can raise and lower itself to the bottom of a lake?!). There was also something delightful to read about. Anne Renwick has created a steampunk world that is equally delightful. Even more so in this this installment because there is a whole crew of hunky naval guys as supporting characters.

In this installment of the Elemental Web Chronicles we meet Isa and Alec who are on a mission to save a castle and capture a megalodon. Isa is a young woman who has been a widow for a year. She has some medical training, though she is not a doctor, and she travels amongst the villages of the Finn people helping those in need of medical attention. She is half Scottish and half Finn and has some of the distinctive characteristics of the Finn. Her marriage was a disappointment and she is not interested in giving up her independence. Alec is a naval officer who leads a highly trained team that specializes in covert operations. He has never been interested in marriage because he doesn’t want to repeat the disastrous relationship of his parents. When Alec is injured while on an underwater mission he is sidelined from his team and instead asked to track down rumors of seamen being attacked by octopus in the North Sea. This is when he meets Isa, and to say that sparks fly would be a huge understatement. As they work together to uncover the secrets of the megalodon and the octopus both will put their lives on the line.

I think this is my favorite book so far in this series. I felt an instant connection to the main characters and I just love the way they play off of each other. There is no holding back with these two, no playing hard to get, they want to be together but they also want it on their own terms. The story also holds quite a lot of surprises and moves at an excellent pace. Once I picked it up, I was very reluctant to put it down. For me, this is another homerun from Anne Renwick.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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