Weekly Round-Up 4/1/2018

My TBR is down to ZERO! Ha Ha, April Fools!

I am on spring break from school until Wednesday and the weatherman has predicted 3 snowstorms during the 6 days of my break. We’ve had 2 so far and another is expected tomorrow. Temperatures are once again going to be below freezing for the coming week. So let’s see if we can find something more cheery in this week’s numbers.

TBR – I finished reading 2 books this week. I also took one books off the list because I forgot to download it from NetGalley before it was archived. Two new books were added this week. The total as of today is 276.

Goodreads Challenge – I am currently 1 book ahead of schedule.

NetGalley Score – I’m actually surprised by this, my score has risen to 89%! Also, I have been auto-approved by Farrago.

John Connolly Challenge – I listening my way through “Nocturnes” which is a collection of short stories and his 5th book.

Coming Up – I’m nearly finished with “The Punishment She Deserves” by Elizabeth George,The Punishment She Deserves so you should be seeing that review up in a day or two. I’m also reading “Lonelyheart 4122” by Colin Watson,Lonelyheart 4122 and “Childhood and Death in Victorian England” by Sarah Seaton. Childhood & Death in Victorian England

Have a great week everybody and don’t forget to read a good book!


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