Month: February 2018

Weekly Round-Up 2/4/2018

Still cold in North Dakota, so let’s go straight to the numbers.

TBR – Last week it was at 274. This week I added 5 books and finished 2 giving me a new total of 277. I blame it all on NetGalley! If they hadn’t twisted my arm so hard I never would have taken the bait.

Goodreads Challenge – I am still 1 book ahead of schedule.

NetGalley Score – Unchanged at 86%, but I do have a new badge! 100 reviews

Coming Up – I am currently reading “The Curious Affair of the Witch at Wayside Cross” by Lisa Tuttle. The Witch at Wayside Cross After that I’ll be picking up “The Memory Detective” by T.S. Nichols. The Memory Detective Ok, that’s all I have for today guys. I hope you all have a good week!

Happy Reading!


“The Bookworm” by Mitch Silver

“The Bookworm” by Mitch Silver

A conspiracy between the American president and the Russian government? This story reads like it just came off the front pages. Dr. Larissa Klimt is a Russian historian who spends her time teaching and researching her new book. On an otherwise ordinary day, a bag full of old Dictaphone cartridges is given to her along with a mysterious message. Before she knows what’s happening, she finds herself trying to unravel a decades old mystery that has a tremendous impact on current events. Suddenly, her life is in danger and Larissa doesn’t know who to trust.

Hold on to your seats, readers, because this is a thrill ride of a story, made even more exciting because it’s all so current and feels very real. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this one. I also really liked the character of Dr. Larissa Klimt. She’s not exactly the stereotypical history professor, but then again, she kinda is. In any case, she’s as complex as the story she is telling. And then there’s the ex-husband who I just loved to hate, but sometimes he is a bit charming, and he’s cute. I believe this is a stand-alone novel, but I wouldn’t be sad to see more books with these characters as they really grew on me by the end. Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It will definitely satisfy the appetite of the conspiracy theorists out there, and it’s a good mystery too.

This book is expected to publish on Feb. 6, 2018 in the US and Mar. 6, 2018 in the UK, and is now available for pre-order, see the links below.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-star-rating 4 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley and Pegasus Books in exchange for an honest review.


“His Bloody Project” by Graeme Macrae Burnet

“His Bloody Project” by Graeme Macrae Burnet

Documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae; Narrated by Antony Ferguson

This book was recommended to me by FictionFan and she was right. This is a fascinating true crime story. The author has compiled a series of original documents and organized them for presentation in this book. The main part of the story comes from the account that Roderick Macrae wrote while he was in jail awaiting trial. In this narrative he not only confesses to 3 brutal murders but he begins his tale months before the murders and details all of the events in his life that led up to “his bloody project”.

This is one of those stories where truth is stranger than fiction. The narrative highlights the prejudice and class distinctions that were common in 1869 Scotland. I think the story also proves that old adage about how “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This is a fascinating story.

I listened to this book on Audible and I found Antony Ferguson’s narration to be wonderful. He brought the characters to life without overdoing it and the rhythm and pacing of the narration to be perfect for my listening. I didn’t find myself tuning out at any point. It’s a shame what happened to Roderick because I found his story to be well written and I couldn’t help but wonder what he might have become if his circumstances had been different. I’m highly recommending this one whether you like crime or just a good read.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-5-star-rating  4.5 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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