Happy New Year Round-Up and Preview!

Happy New Year Round-Up and Preview!

It’s Sunday again, but it’s also New Year’s Eve! 2018 brings a lot of big events for my family. My husband will turning over a new decade in March, my son will be graduating from high school and turning 18 in May, one of our nieces is getting married in August, and my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in September. It also looks like several family members will be making the trek to North Dakota, for the first time, for the graduation so we might just have one big party to celebrate the whole year. So let’s look at my numbers as the year is ending and take a peek at what I planning on doing with books in 2018.

TBR – I added 1 book this week and finished 3, so the TBR ends 2017 at 277. To my knowledge there are no books winging their way to me and no outstanding NetGalley requests so I’m pretty confident in that number. This includes all the unread books I own, whether they be print, e-book or audiobook.

Goodreads Challenge – I slipped this year, only managing to complete 99 out of the 100 books I had challenged myself too. While I would like to think that I will finish one more before midnight, I know myself better than that. I will be setting a new 100 book challenge for 2018.

NetGalley score – Great progress was made here. I started the year at about 68% and I’m ending the year at 86% (no I did not just transpose the number). My goal for 2018 is to cross the 90% line.

Favorite Books of 2017

Mystery/Thriller – “Poison” by Galt Niederhoffer – this one continues to stick with me, I think because it felt so real.

Non-Fiction – I was absolutely fascinated by the story of “The Radium Girls” by Kate Moore.

Historical Fiction – Loved the characters in this story of a young immigrant working in the Carnegie household – “Carnegie’s Maid” by Marie Benedict.

General Fiction – The richness of the descriptions and the characters in this story just captivated me. – “The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds” by Selina Siak Chin Yoke.

Fantasy – No competition here, my favorite was “The Lost Sentinel” by Suzanne Rogerson.

Plans for 2018 – So, 100 books is the goal for the year. I have decided to pose myself a challenge of reading all the books in a series I love during the year. For 2018, I have chosen the Charlie Parker Series by John Connolly, #JohnConnollyChallenge. I read the first 2 books late in 2017. There are a total of 16 books at this time so that means a little more than 1 book a month, I can do that, right????

Finally, I would love your input on what books to read in 2018. Leave your suggestion in the Comments and I’ll incorporate them somewhere. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and that you read lots of books.

Happy Reading!



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year Round-Up and Preview!

  1. Well done on the NetGalley percentage and I’m delighted your TBR is still worse than mine (though the gap has narrowed!) Gosh, I always find it so hard to recommend a book – reading is so subjective, isn’t it? But I’m going to pick His Bloody Project, if you haven’t already read it – I suspect it will work for your taste… *crosses fingers*

    Happy New Year!


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