“The Intercept” by Dick Wolf

“The Intercept” by Dick Wolf

This is the first book in the Jeremy Fisk series and the author’s debut in fiction. The story is a post 9/11 thriller. Jeremy Fisk works in the Intel division of the NYPD. The division develops its own intelligence, independent of the FBI and CIA, but the various agencies also work together when needed. A group of passengers on an airline take down a terrorist who tries to take down the cockpit during a flight from Europe to New York. The 6 passengers become instant heroes in the press. Fisk’s partner Krina Gersten is assigned to the security detail as the passengers make the rounds of the morning shows and various public events, the culmination being the dedication of the new World Trade Center on July 4th. Fisk is busy investigating the hijacker and his gut tells him there’s more to this event than meets the eye. As the intelligence comes in, Fisk must put the clues together in time to avert another disaster.

This is a thriller with a well-crafted story to tell that explores our tendency to stereotype and jump to conclusions. I really liked Jeremy Fisk. He is a determined investigator who thinks outside the box when necessary. There is plenty of action and the story moves along at a brisk pace. I found the scenario to be believable and the action compelling. I would recommend this book for thrill or conspiracy lovers.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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