“Smoke and Mirrors” by Casey Daniels

“Smoke and Mirrors” by Casey Daniels

An historical mystery that will delight your little gray cells! Evangeline Barnum is sister to P.T. Barnum and she lives with he and his wife in New York City. She also works for her brother at his museum. But Evangeline has a secret which is the reason she fled her childhood home and moved to New York. Her sister-in-law knows her secret and likes to constantly remind her of it. When an old friend from her home town shows up at the museum one morning and is later found dead, Evangeline finds herself embroiled in a mystery and must use all her wits to unravel it and find the murderer.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Evangeline is a young lady trying to make the best of the circumstances she’s in, even when those closest to her are not supportive. I found her to be likable, complex and well-written. All of the characters have distinctive personalities and make the story better by being in it. The story itself kept me guessing till the final chapter. Just when you think Evangeline has found the answer the story throws you for another loop. The good thing is it all fits and feels natural and believable. There is danger and deception right up to the last page. I highly recommend this story.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 5-star-rating  5 stars!

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