Weekly Round-Up 11/5/2017

Welcome back everybody! Time for another Round-Up. We got our first snow of the season this week here in ND and my son actually took it upon himself to clean the driveway, another first. I had a very good reading week, finishing 4 books, but I didn’t get all the reviews written, so I still have that to get caught up on. So let’s get into the details.

TBR – As mentioned I finished 4 books this week but I added 4 audiobooks to the list, so the grand total is 268.

Goodreads challenge – I am currently 2 books behind schedule.

NetGalley score – Currently at 86% but 2 of those finished books are from NetGalley so I expect a little bump when I get those posted.

Coming up – In the next couple days I will get my reviews of “Smoke and Mirrors” by Casey Daniels, “Treachery and Retribution” by Andrew Rawson, and “Poison” by Galt Niederhoffer. I’ve just started reading “The Stolen Marriage” by Diane Chamberlain The Stolen Marriage and I’m not sure what else I may get to this week. So that’s what I have for you right now. Hope you all have a good week.

Happy Reading!

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