Weekly Round-Up 10/29/2017

Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great day. We got our first cold snap of the season this week here in North Dakota. A few snow flakes flying around but no accumulations yet. The first quarter of the school year finished up this week. Only 3 more to go and then my son graduates! So, I’m telling you all of this as a distraction because my reading progress was dismal this week and I don’t really want to check the numbers. 😔 Enough horsing around, let’s get into it.

TBR – I finished 1 whole book this week. This is digraceful. I also added one book. So no gain there. I also removed a book from the TBR because I found the writing to be a little bit juvenile for me, so the new total is 268.

Goodreads challenge – I am currently 4!!! books behind. I have never been so far behind on a challenge. And it’s not as if I was involved in some big project that took me away from reading. I have no excuses, I have just been lazy this week.

NetGalley score – Well this number hasn’t gotten any worse because the one book I did read was a NetGalley book. So, I’m still at 86%.

Coming soon – So this coming week, I am going to try to finish “Treachery and Retribution” by Andrew Rawson. I know I said that last week but I really mean it this time. Treachery and Retribution I’m also currently reading “Smoke and Mirrors” by Casey Daniels and will try to finish and review it this week. Smoke and Mirrors Finally, I’m still listening to “Another Man’s Moccasins” by Craig Johnson on audiobook and might finish it this week also. Another Man's Moccasins So there you have the ugly truth. I hope this week turns out better and there will actually be some activity on the blog for you to read. I’ll see you all next Sunday!

Happy Reading!


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