Weekly Round-Up 10/1/2017

Do you ever pick up a book and enjoy it so much that you just want to take it slow and savor it? Well, I’m working on a couple of books right now that fit that description, which is why I only managed to finish 1 book this week. On a more personal note, I just need to have a little bragging moment. My son, a high school senior, is taking a Philosophy class at one of the local colleges this semester, and so far he is getting straight A’s in the class. This is no small achievement for him and I’m am thoroughly enjoying this proud Mom moment (now if I can just get him to pick up his dirty laundry…). We also had a near panic this week when the dryer went on the fritz after 20+ years of faithful service. But thanks to a sale at Best Buy, the crisis has been averted.

Moving on to more bookish stuff, let’s check the numbers:

TBR – Somehow I managed to go a whole week without adding any books. The total today stands at 269.

NetGalley score – I’m still at 86% here.

Goodreads challenge – Still 1 book behind schedule.

Coming Up – I don’t usually pay much attention to travel books, but Pen & Sword sent me a copy of “London Curiosities” by John Wade and I’m really having fun with it. The subtitle is “The capital’s odd & obscure, weird & wonderful places”. This book is full of interesting things to see in London and I think you could put together a really fun tour of city using this book. London Curiosities I expect to finish this one this week. I’m also hoping to finish “Carnegie’s Maid” by Marie Benedict this week. Carnegie's Maid I think that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great one. See you next Sunday with another round-up.

Happy Reading!


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