Weekly Round-Up 9/17/2017

This week’s round-up is taking place in the sick ward because I have a raging sinus infection.😷🀧 I am on antibiotics though, so there is a chance I will live another day. 😊 In other news, the cold weather is starting to creep into the forecast her in North Dakota so it’s time to unpack the cold weather clothes. So let’s look at how I’ve been doing with my reading…

TBR – I finished two books this week and by some miracle didn’t add any, so the TBR is now at 268.

NetGalley – I didn’t finish any NetGalley books this week so score is still at 84%.

Goodreads Challenge – I am currently 1 book behind. 😞

Coming Up – Tomorrow I will be posting my review of “Birdcage Walk” by Helen Dunmore. Birdcage Walk I am currently reading “The Trouble With Harriet” by Dorothy Cannell, The Trouble With Harriet and “Children in the Second World War” by Amanda Herbert-Davies. Children in the Second World War So that’s it for this round-up. I hope you all are avoiding the nasty little viruses that are floating around. See you next week!

Happy Reading!

P.S. Did you notice I discovered how to add emojis? Just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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