“Blackout” by Marc Elsberg

“Blackout” by Marc Elsberg

What happens when the lights go out and … they don’t come back on? In “Blackout”, Marc Elsberg explores just that question. Electrical grids have failed all across Europe, no one knows why. As the blackouts consume more and more of Europe, power plants and governments are all scrambling to find a solution. In Italy, Piero Manzano finds an anomaly on a power meter but will anyone believe him, will he be able to find the saboteur, will he come out of this alive?

This book is packed with thrills, largely because it all seems incredibly plausible. I was completely captivated with the scenario laid out in this book. The story never lets up and the characters are great. The author even manages to slip a little bit of romance in between the riots and shortages. This is the author’s debut novel and it was just released in the U.S. this summer. If catastrophe stories are something you like, then you will definitely enjoy this book. I don’t want to give anything away but I do highly recommend this book and hope the author’s subsequent work will be made available soon.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

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