Weekly Round-Up 8/27/2017

I apologize that my blog has been so quiet this week. First week back at work just had me so exhausted I couldn’t even think about writing anything. I did manage to finish reading one book, “A Perfect Obsession” by Heather Graham and my review will go up later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. A bookish sidenote: my son is taking a dual-credit English this year and the first book they will read is “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. They will be reading several books this year that I’m not familiar with so I’m thinking I might have to reorganize my TBR and read with him. I keep you posted on that. So, let’s check the numbers…

TBR – I did succumb to the NetGalley temptation again this week and picked up 2 books. The current total is now 273. I think I still have a couple of requests pending so that number might go up some more this week.

NetGalley – Dropped one point to 81%.

Goodreads Challenge – Slipped a bit this week and I am once again 1 book behind schedule.

Coming Up – My review of “A Perfect ObsessionA Perfect Obsession

I’m currently reading “The Party” by Robyn Harding and I’m having a hard time putting it down so I expect to get that review out later this week. The Party

If you are following the Journeys Through Bookland narrations, I should have at least one, maybe two, up this week. Hopefully, I’ll have a better routine going this week. So that’s it for now guys. Have a great week and

Happy Reading!

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