“The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware

“The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware

How much damage can a lie do? Can it alter the course of your life? Four women are about to find out. Kate, Thea, Fatima and Isabel met while at boarding school in Salten. Kate’s father was the art master at the school. The girls like to play the Lying Game amongst themselves and they were inseparable. Now grown, some with families, Thea, Fatima and Isabel find themselves being summoned by Kate with the simple message “I need you”. They rush to Salten and there they find out that a body has been found buried in the beach. Unfortunately, they know way too much about it but have maintained their lie for so long that it could destroy their lives if it becomes known.

This psychological thriller was a roller coaster ride of a story. My emotions were all over the place. The characters felt so real it was like I was reading about people I already knew. I found the story to be complex enough to keep me engaged and guessing. The story moves back and forth between things that take place in current time and during the time when the girls were in school, so it has the feel of coming at the mystery from both ends at the same time. I will be adding Ruth Ware to my favorite author list because I enjoyed this one so much. Highly recommend this one.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

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