“Mindset” by Carol Dweck – Audiobook Book Review

“Mindset” by Carol Dweck – Audiobook Book Review

Narrated by Marguerite Gavin

Are you having trouble feeling successful? It might be because of your Mindset. In this book the author discusses the differences between the Fixed Mindset and the Growth Mindset. I found this absolutely fascinating and easy to relate to. The author has written in a very approachable style making the psychological concepts easy for the casual reader to understand. There are tons of real-life examples of how the Mindsets play out in people’s lives used throughout the book and different chapters focus on sports, business, teaching, etc. Included are snapshots of well-known people who have struggled with a Mindset or used one to reach their full potential. There are some great insights for the average reader on how to change your Mindset in order to help reach your goals. I also really appreciated the amount of focus the author placed on how to foster a healthy Mindset in children, whether you are a teacher, a coach, or a parent. Finally, I found Marguerite Gavin’s narration to be really enjoyable to listen to. Psychology buffs should really enjoy this book.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-star-rating 4 stars!

Happy Reading!

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