Weekly Round-Up 7/9/2017

Hello everybody, I hope you all got lots of celebrating in this past week or so, at least those in U.S. and Canada. We had beautiful weather for our 4th of July day out. Unfortunately, I fell a little behind with my reading and blog posting this week but let’s take a look at my numbers.

TBR – I added 3 books this week and finished 2, so the new total is 278.

Reviews – “Watch Me Disappear” comes out on Tuesday and my review goes up tomorrow. Also coming out on Tuesday is Kathy Reichs new book “Two Nights”. My review will go up Tuesday morning. This is not a Temperance Brennan story, so be sure to check it out. As usual, I will put links at the bottom of my reviews so you can find them quickly if you’re interested.

Goodreads – I’m still behind here and beginning to despair of every catching up.

NetGalley – I’m actually making some progress here. My score is now up to 75%!

Coming Up – I’ve got a couple of narrations scheduled for this week, “Whittington and His Cat” and “The Story of Joseph”. In books I’ve got “Watch Me Disapper” Watch Me Disappear, “Two Nights” Two Nights, and “Mindset” an audio book review. Mindset

Have a great week everybody! Happy Reading and Listening!


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