“The Sound of Glass” by Karen White

“The Sound of Glass” by Karen White

Three lonely souls find themselves thrown together after 2 tragic deaths. They each must face the past and push through the hurt before they can move forward. Merritt has lost both her parents and her husband. When her husband’s grandmother dies, Merritt finds herself the owner of the family home in South Carolina. Her husband had never spoken of his family but Merritt knows deep down she needs a new start and so she leaves everything behind in Maine and heads south. Meanwhile, her father has died leaving a widow and a son. They too need a fresh start. Loralee picks up stakes and drops herself and her son Owen in Merritt’s lap. Loralee needs something from Merritt but they are like strangers and she knows she must gain her trust first, before she runs out of time. With the help of Merritt’s previously unknown brother-in-law, Gibbes, these three will unravel the mysteries of the past and set a new path for the future.

This is a beautiful story. It’s tragic and heartwarming, sad and uplifting all at the same time. I loved the South Carolina setting where life seems to move a little more gently, which is just what Merritt, Loralee, and Owen need. Merritt’s marriage was traumatizing for her but Loralee’s cheery outlook on life is just what she needs. I found Merritt and Loralee to be much more complex than they at first appeared and one of my favorite parts of the story was how the author gradually made the characters know to the reader. It was like watching a dying plant slowly come back to life. I think Owen was my favorite character though. He’s smart as a whip but he struggles to make friends. I especially loved how the author wrote the interactions between Owen and neighbor girl Maris, and how Maris was able to bring Owen out of his shell so he could be a kid again. Loralee turns out to be the wise one in the group and she has such an insight into what makes people tick and knows just what they need to hear and when they need to hear it. The story itself moves at a steady pace but without the feeling of plodding. Overall, I found “The Sound of Glass” to be a great story and a perfect pick for a summer read.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-star-rating  4 stars!!

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