“The Lost Sentinel” by Suzanne Rogerson

“The Lost Sentinel” by Suzanne Rogerson

Fantasy lovers need to be celebrating right now because “The Lost Sentinel” is being released this week! You do not want to miss this first in a new series from Suzanne Rogerson. The story takes place on the island of Kalaya where the magic that sustains life on the island is dying. Tei and her father are forced to flee their home in the night because Tei has a magical gift. The Assembly is cracking down on those with magic in an attempt to completely rid the island of magic. Tei must flee to the mountains of Turrak, the only place where those with magic can live in peace. When she arrives in Turrak, she quickly learns that she is the Confidante to the next Sentinel. The problem is no one knows who the next Sentinel is, and Tei is the only one who can find out. After her harrowing escape, and being narrowly rescued by Rike and Garrick, Tei must quickly learn about her power and then embark on a dangerous journey, always looking over her shoulder for the Masked Riders who would destroy her.

I love the characters in this story. From Tei, the reluctant seeker, to Garrick, the hunky hero, you get a broad range of personalities. One of my favorite things about this author is her ability to develop her characters in a way that feels natural and flows well within the story. In the same way she develops her fantasy world. There is no heavy world drawing passages but you get your knowledge of the way things work as a natural part of the story. For example, the reader discovers the tunnels and caves of Turrak as the characters are discovering them. And then you have the story itself which is full of surprising plot twists, moves at a really great pace, and draws the reader in from beginning to end. As with the author’s first book, I cannot say enough good things about this book. I am so excited that this world will be a series so I can hang out with these characters again next year. You will not be sorry if you read this book.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 5-star-rating  5 stars!!

Happy Reading!

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