Weekly Round-Up 6/4/2017

It has finally gotten hot in North Dakota this week. It was kind of a busy week. My son turned 17 on Wednesday, and on Friday we went on a college tour. I came back impressed by the school and with a blister on my toe as a souvenir. So let’s get into what’s been happening in my little library this week.

I finished reading 2 books and I acquired 3, which brings the total TBR to 283. Ok, but in my defense I came across a bargain book bin while out shopping and those books just looked so sad that I had to give a couple of them a good home. I was performing a public service. My NetGalley score briefly saw 70% and then dipped back to 69% after I was approved for one of their books. It’s Kathy Reichs new book, and she’s one of my favorite authors, and the universe would have been very unhappy with me if I didn’t request it. Ooh, I am full of excuses today!

I do want to say thank you to my followers. I’ve had a little flurry of activity the last couple of weeks and my count is up to 149. If you’re not following me yet, I hope you will so I can pass the 150 mark.

Finally, I posted a couple of new narrations this past week. I hope you guys are enjoying them because I’m having a lot of fun making them.

Coming Up

Monday you will see my review of “Elementary, She Read“. Elementary, She Read

Tuesday and Thursday I will have new Journeys Through Bookland narrations. And Friday will be my review of “Cruel Winter”. Cruel Winter

I hope you all have a good week and discover lots of good books.

Happy Reading!

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